Import CSV dans GanttProject 2.8.10

Bonjour, j’ai créé des tâches dans un excel. Puis enregistré au format CSV. Quand j’essaie de l’importer dans GanttProject, ça ne fait rien. Les tâches n’apparaissent pas. Aucun message d’erreur. Une idée ? Merci !

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Hello, I created tasks in an Excel. Then saved in CSV format. When I try to import it into GanttProject, it doesn’t matter. Tasks do not appear. No error message. An idea ? Thank you !

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GanttProject expects columns with some specific names and specific data format. Unless you did some investigations prior to importing, your CSV is unlikely to be what GanttProject expects.

You can get an idea how the expected CSV format looks like by exporting a sample project from GanttProject to CSV.

Dear All ( I don’t know if you are Dimitry )

Thanks for your answer.

Unfortunately, I tried yesterday to do what you are explaining : export a small project from GanttProject in CSV file and compare it to my CSV file. There is
no difference.

I tried to import « back » the initial exported file from GanttProject, and I get the same result : nothing…

Please find here the two files :

document.csv (40 Bytes)

Testgantt.csv (43 Bytes)

GanttProject requires at least task start date and duration columns in addition to id and name. It is unlikely that you could produce any of these documents by exporting a sample project to CSV with default settings, you would need to switch off all columns in the setting to do so. Please export to CSV with all columns switched on.