Import CSV does not run

Good Morning,
I already check for other issue about import CSV.
I done this sequence.

  1. Export on CSV a project.
    2)Open with excell, Unicode 8, comma separated.
  2. Only change a name of one line
  3. save
  4. import form csv.
    The result is that nothing is done…

Please share the file produced by Excel after saving.

Cartel6.csv (1,6 KB)

the column name of the task start date in this file is different from what GP expects. GanttProject expects “Data dinizio” while in this file the column name is “Data d’inizio”. I understand that the latter is grammatically correct, while the former is not, but that’s the way how CSV import works: we search for column names which we can recognize, and in Italian translation “begin date” is “Data dinizio”.

Ok, I understand but the problem is that I don’t changed it.
Excell changed it automatically?
I will do some more test

If I do export, modifications and import with Gantproject set in English and using openoffice calc (instead of excell) all run… otherwisw not works.