Import of MS Project xml file does not work

Hello team,
I’m trying to import the xml file of MS Project format exported from QuickPlan application, but it does not work, nothing happens, Gantt Project stays white.
I’ve joined the xml file to this message. Residential_Construction_180523.xml (2.1 KB)

The attached file is not MS Project file. It is GanttProject file with .xml extension instead of .gan and no tasks inside. It can be opened directly in GanttProject with Project > Open.

Sorry, here is the right file.Residential_Construction_180523_2.xml (436.1 KB)

It imports fine, see the screenshot:

Just in case: Project > Import > Microsoft Project files

I also tried this .xml, and it worked.

But I tried using a different file, it’s blank. Is there a right way to save the MS Project to xml that we might need to consider?