Import PDF files and links

Hi, we are a small architecture studio and your product fits almost perfectly our project management and structure needs. The only thing, that we are missing, is the option, to post or import in the notes or some place else links to server files or directly pdf file or some other files, that can be opened directly (for example plans or changes in plans, that are crucial a certain task at a certain time)

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There is “Web link” field in the bottom part of task properties dialog. You can paste any valid URL there and it will open when one clicks the button with the globe icon to the right of that field.

Thank you very much for the quick response.
I did see that earlier today, but as I said, we are of need to post PDF files in the “edit notes” field. Or at least be able to import files from “Project -> Import” other than Microsoft Project or Text Files.

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post PDF files in the “edit notes” field

and this

at least be able to import files from “Project -> Import”

sound like two different things. The first is attaching some files to tasks (and sorry, can’t suggest anything other than web link field for that). Those files are opaque to GanttProject, in the sense that it considers them as just links and/or binary data.

The latter (Project > Import) is extracting project data (task structure and properties) from some external format. If you meant that then sorry, we definitely don’t want to parse PDF files in the search of project structure.

Greets Dmitry et al – First post here (figured my question fit under the existing thread so…). First off – what a great application – already using it and finding it intuitive and on-point for my needs. Thanks for your efforts!

Question: What is the easiest way to insert a proper address to a local file? (or better: are there plans so that Gantt Project can interpret UNC paths?)

I’m on windows 7. It’s obviously do-able to convert “c:” to “file:///c:/” and then replace all the spaces with “%20” etc, etc, but cumbersome. (In some it’s quicker to just paste the UNC into the web-link field knowing that it won’t work, but that I can copy/paste into windows explorer later if needed…)


I don’t think that there are any other ways besides those which you are already aware of. I’ve created a new feature request in the tracker:

Cool! Thanks Dmitry. I gather that you are the primary developer, and that it may take some time, yes?

Again, much appreciated.


Yes, I am the primary developer.
Feature request is not a promise to do anything, but with some luck we’ll get it done. This will not happen today, tomorrow or even next week though.

Thanks. I get it – I’m just thankful it’s in queue and I understand (with a number like 1497) that you’ve probably got lots of fish to fry. Incidentally, how do you sort / prioritize among the requests?

No particular algorithm. Severe or just annoying issues which affect many people are fixed first, especially if they are relatively cheap to fix. Something which is less severe or more complex waits until either me or someone else will be in mood to fix it.

Sounds reasonable. I’m using in a work environment (engineering). I encounter questions/thoughts, I’ll post when I can (after searching of course). hopefully the thoughts will be worthwhile. All the best.

Yes, quite helpful.
My use case is managing the documents/letters needed to close out an Estate. I have letters and replies to/from the tax authorities and various banks. It is a messy job without some sort of project management system (ganttproject).

It would be nice to be able to add future reminders too. When a letter is sent out, I expect to get a reply within some period of time. If this reminder could pop up in ganttproject, it would be helpful. Also some command that could display ‘open’ items for which no reply has been received.