Importing tasks with predecessors from xls

I’m trying to import an excel project with task predecessors (I’m creating it externally with a vba macro): I used excel export on a template project as adviced in some answers to derive a template, and it seems I can setup predecessors with a “;” separated list of task IDs in the “predecessors” column, but none of my predecessors is imported. If I import my xls in GP, manually add predecessors, export to xls and import back the predecessors are maintained… any hint about what could be wrong in my original xls? Can I do something to get a detailed log for the import? That would be helpful


Please share a sample Excel file.

Have you found a solution? I have the same troubles.
Additionally, if I had manually hierarchic levels in my excel file and I import the file, GP (version 3.3.3292) changes the number. How can I do?

Please share a sample Excel file and describe exactly what is the issue.