Indent and up and down arrows


On the Gantt chart neither the indent arrows nor the up and down arrows are active. As a result I cannot move my tasks after creation.

Fiddling with settings it just happened to me that removing the ID display option from “Manage columns” under the Gantt chart did the trick.
The arrows are now active. I am not sure though if there really is a connection between the two things.

It is ordering that matters, not the presence of any column.
If your tasks are ordered by ID then reordering them manually makes no sense.

I have just had the same problem and came to the conclusion that if you ORDER task by any column, it disables the indent function. This seems buggy to me and definitely something to improve, as there is no button to press that can restore the status. I found that dragging a task “inside” another works, but definitely not a solution.
I will order by a column to then remove it as a work around.

You can restore the order by clicking the ordered column header again. There are three states: ascending order, descending order and no order (no order means manual order that is the default). You switch between these three states by clicking the column header.

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