Insert GanttProject sheet on general one

hi ,
i work on a general template (master), and i use for each sector, one different sheet (3 sub-contractor), for adjusting day by day, but how can i injected on my master?

I can’t say that I clearly understand the question. What is “GanttProject sheet”? What is “general template”, I mean, what is it in terms of software and files? Is it GanttProject document? Word document? Excel document (the term “sheet” usually comes from the spreadsheets world) ? Anything else?

sorry for my English,
i make one general project and behind i do for each sub contractor one project updating day by day depends if they make a new task.
what i want is keep each sub contractor project and injected on my master ( at the real place on the arborescence)

This is not possible yet, sorry. You can try creating an empty master project and importing subcontractor projects one-by-one (Project > Import > GanttProject file). This is surely annoying if you have many such projects.

We plan to make it easier in the foreseeable future. There is an interesting idea of a relatively simple change which may make such tasks way easier:

Also, there are some initial cross-project features on GanttProject Cloud and automated generation of master projects is in the plans.

thank’s for your answer

GP into GP sub project could be an interesting feature :slight_smile:
*the only “main problem” I’d see is how you would process a delay impact from a sub-constractor GP to the Main-global GP.

  • one would have to decide if ever a subcontractor task takes more time to complete;
    does it automaticaly add more days to the Global GP ?, or send a warning or else…
    One probably could not just add days without thinking of all the impacted tasks following from other GPs that have no idea/views of all underlying sub-Gps !