Inserting a blank Line ofn the Gantt Chart

How do I insert a blank line on the Gantt Chart? It would make the chart so much easier to read. I notice there was a request in Jun 17. Has it been fixed yet?


No, it is not fixed. Why do you need the blank lines though? Does it carry any semantics?

Hi Dimitry

The main reason for a blank line for ease of reading. it is the same When you write a paragraph in a document, then it is much easier to read if you have a blank line between the next paragraph. My project s usually have 50 to 100 tasks. When presenting to Stakeholders it is a lot easier to read and for them to understand the plan.

BTW it is a great product. I recommend it to all my clients.


Peter Nightingale

I understand, but you don’t plan to insert blank lines randomly, do you? I believe you’re going to apply some logic which defines if there must be a blank line or not. So what is that logic?