Inserting a Task Item # Column


Is there any way to have a “Task Item #” to the left of the Task? This is very useful when bringing someones attention to a specific task in a long list of tasks.

Sorry, what do you mean when you say “task item #”?
In general, you can re-arrange columns in the task table the way you want by dragging them.

Typically in scheduling software there is a column to the left of the task description that is the task’s ID # that go in descending order so that a specific task can be easily picked out of a long list. Example, if I want to bring someones attention to task #8, they look at the task after #7. Without that Task ID, it’s just a long list of task descriptions.

Okay, so it is just task id.
Right click in the table header and choose “Manage columns…”. In the dialog select columns which you want to make visible and click “show selected”.

Please pay attention that what is understood as ID in these columns is actially a sort of “internal” id which changes pretty often. For external references it makes more sense to use outline number. It may change as well, but not so often and in more predictable way.

If you need Ids which never change, you may want to add custom column and insert ids there. Custom columns can be added and shown/hidden in the same dialog.

That is very helpful. Thanks for your quick reply.