Integrating GanttProject data with electronic calendars programs

There should be an ntegration of GanttProject with electronic calendars (Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, etc) without users/project managers having to dump out the .gan file’s content as a CSV file and then hack at it to produce an equivalent ICS file that can be imported into the calendar?

Even integrating the Task name and Dates as all day events because GanttProject does not handle fractional days would be useful.

So, you suggest to use your team’s agenda as a team collaboration and “to-do” list tool?

As most of my project teams consist of only one member (me) having the project’s tasks and milestones in my Apple Calendar would be very useful. It would add to my non-project events and help me plan my time better.

A possible automation that comes to my mind, at first sight, might be (a) export to excel (b) analyze milestones (c) create .ics from previous step (d) import .ics files.

But keep in mind the rescheduling, and “moving” milestones if needed from the .ics imported… Well, for oneself, IMHO, quite tedious.

Hope this helps.

I run a Microsoft-free environment. The only one of their products installed on my Macs is Teams and that only because my political party has “standardised on it”.

The milestones are fixed and immutable. Set by outside agencies and some of those by law.

The tasks have predecessors that are Strong Finish-Start/Start-Finish with those milestones.

But there might be a requirement to redo the plan and Apple Calendar another year. Would have to think about that if there was to be no integration between GanttProject and calendar programs.