Intégrer les marges libres et marges totales dans mon diagramme de gantt


je dois intégrer dans mon diagramme les marges libres et marges totales pour chaque tâche. Je dois rajouter une contrainte de type FIN DEBUT de 3 jours pour certaines tâches.

Ensuite comment représenter les besoins en personnes en bas de mon diagrammes?


This is English-speaking forum. We do not speak French. Please consider writing in English for better understanding. Thanks.

For the record, although translation produced by Google Translate makes some sense, nevertheless, it is not completely clear:

I have to integrate in my diagram the free margins and total margins for each task. I have to add a 3-day END START constraint for certain tasks.

Then how to represent the needs in people at the bottom of my diagrams?

The Software is multilingual then I though the forum has French members.
Moreover, the link on Wikipedia links on this site, sorry again.

Bonjour Keiko,

Je n’ai jamais trouver comment faire les marges libres et totales sur gantt project. Il y a bien un onglet : “début au plus tôt” dans les propriétés mais peu importe les configurations rien y fait.

Sorry Dmitry.

gantt project How to include free margin in task so we have in the diagram.
I told that for me there is no possibility to do it in ganttproject

I am not sure that I understand what do you mean as “include free margin”, sorry.

You have a task that last a certain amount of time. But We could also foresee delay or other problem and place additional time.
Generally speaking in gant you have the task that can move and we represent it generally by an additional rectangle same color but lighter, to see that we could have some margin. This margin we could not add in ganttproject