Issue importing of indented tasks

I am using version 3.0.3002.
I want to import a project with subtasks.
As a test I made a new project in ganttproject and exported to and xls.
I then altered that file but cannot get an indented project.
Several things I see wrong in the exported xls.
1.the date is switched to a value ,… not everywhere. I tested but that does not make no difference in testing
2. total cost + total load is export twice ,… I made serparate topic in the forum on this.
3. the generic field of an main project vs a subtask in that project show a green arrow in excel.
When looking at the format of Excel (main and subtaks) it both shows as a generic field.

Can I use whatever (new number in the outline number column ? )

Task hierarchy is controlled by Outline number column. The values there are supposed to start with “1” and have no missing values.

Hope it helps.

It’s not working.
Let me try to elaborate on the steps I take.:

The idea is to make a new planning based on an imported excel.
As a test :
In order to do so I saved an export (47.6 KB) export 1.

When adding a project ,… the import does work but only adding of a subtask in the next order1.4, then 1.5 m… etc)

It does not work when adding a new project in the xls file. (or csv)

Any help appreciated !

In the attached archive everything looks just great. There are 4 tasks task 910task 904 which are children of project900 task. They are imported fine.

So what is the issue? Please share a simple reproducible scenario showing the result which is different from what you expect. Like

  1. open this file
  2. import that file
    Expected: something
    Actual: something else

Hey Dmitry,

I would like to add a new project into an existing gan file (containing projects) by making use of the import xls function.
This would make my workflow easier.
Background :
I now make an offer in xls and define the tasks for the engineers.
The end result for me is that I can make a macro that converts the offer to a ready to import xls file for planning purposes.

I made a new gan file, added a resource, a task (called project 1) and a (indented) task under that project.

step 1 : export file to export_indent.xls
it contains a project 1 as a main task (outline number 1) and task in project 1 as an indented task under project 1.(outline number 1.1)

step 2 :
copy file export_indent.xls to import_indent.xls.
Open import_indent.xls file.
I adapt the ID to a new number (900) + adapt outline number to 2 (–>project 1)
I adapt the ID to a new number (901) + adapt outline number to 2.1 (task in project 1)

My expectation is that on import ;
I get a new additional project called project 1 —> that works
I get a new indented task under project 1 — > That does not work

The indenting is not working or I don’t get what I need to do.

As always : many thanks !
I added the files for your reference. (2.4 KB)

If you want to import from Excel into the existing project, you don’t need to change the outline numbers. Let them start with 1, it works fine.

I tried to import the Excel file from your archive twice into a new empty project and got two summary tasks with a child task under each of them, as expected.

The only issue is that “Task color” column with empty values causes failures. It is a separate issue which is addressed here:

I attached a 2 video’s with a screen capture of what I am doing.
Hope this helps make things clear.
If not let’s discuss (3.6 MB)

Thanks, it is clear now.
I have submitted a bug report:

It will be fixed in the next GP 3.0 maintenance update.

The fix was published in update 3003 today.