Issue with 'null' Prefix in Task Names on JPEG Export


I’m experiencing an issue when exporting my project to JPEG. During the export process, the word “null” appears before the task name. Could you please help me resolve this problem? Any guidance on how to eliminate this “null” prefix would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Can you please show a screenshot?

Hello, I have the same problem. I’m sharing a screenshot

As you can see, before each task, the “null” word appears

There is some column to the left of the name column, its name starts with “N”. What is that column?

It corresponds to the “Notes Column”. I’ve got the same issue.

Here is a solution : try to export the diagram immediately after opening the project, and be careful not to select any task.

It worked for me.

I think that hiding Notes column in the task table should solve the problem. It shows as a small Note icon in the table, however, export tries to create a real column.

I have filed a new issue to the issue tracker: