Java Alternatives

(Phillip) #1

I hope you can help.

With Oracle incorporating the new licensing module for use of Java products as of January 2019. This has identified a security issue with keeping Java updated. We would like to maintain the use of the software\Application named below. Going forward we are looking to see if we can incorporate alternative 3rd party products. Ie: OpenJDK, Amazon Corretto.

Application Name: GanttProject

Application Version: 2.8.5

Java Version: 8.0.1520.16

Can you please confirm the following.

Are you able to confirm if the software\application has been tested with 3rd party alternatives?

Will the development team be looking at using 3rd party Java alternative in newer releases?

Would support be available if the 3rd party alternative were compatible and functional with the software?

Would this incur additional support cost?

(Dmitry Barashev) #2

We do not provide support (and naturally there is no direct cost involved). We develop and test GanttProject with OpenJDK only. It may (likely) or may not (because of many reasons which we cannot predict) work with Java Runtimes from other vendors.

For the record, to minimize terminological misunderstanding: there are no “Java alternatives”. There are different vendors of Java Runtime, but all their runtimes are Java. Oracle is also a vendor of is own Java Runtime.