Keyboard shortcuts for unindent and indent


What about adding keyboard shortcuts for:

  • unindent (for example Alt-left)
  • indent (for example Alt-right) ?
    Thank you for reading me and for the last improvements to GanttProject :slight_smile:

(Dmitry Barashev) #2

Alt+left and Alt+right do work, provided that keyboard focus is in the table. Tab and Shift+Tab do the same.


Hi Dmitry.
Thank you for your quick answer. This is my mistake, I should have tried … or “RTFM” maybe :slight_smile:
In the popup menu of the tree view, the shortcuts for “Up” and “Down” are documented, but not the ones for “Unindent” and “Indent”. Mentioning them may help people like me, who infer existence of shortcuts from help found in menus.
Best regards