Linked task is shown in the wrong way in the chart

after the update on 3.1.3102 I have the following problem. After linking a task with its predecessor, it is not displayed correctly in the chart. see pic.

Thanks in advance

Please share the project file.

Hello Dmitry, hope that this is what you 're ask for.

I need a project file with .gan extension where this issue can be reproduced.

attached the example.
Example_Project 1.gan (2,7 KB)

Did you switch off the scheduler in the settings file by any chance?

Since the update, the error occurs. I have already reinstalled the programme on the computer. But the error was still there. Regarding your question I did not change any seetings or switch off the scheduler. Possible to give me information where I can switch on or off the scheduler?

Open the settings file in any text editor and find the following entry:

    <option id="task.scheduler.disabled" value="true"/>

If you see true assigned to value then the scheduler is disabled. You need to replace true with false to enable it.

The settings file name is .ganttproject and it sits in your home folder. Not the dot at the first position. Some file managers may hide such files.

It works. Thanks for your support.