Linking project plans together..?

Is there a way to link multiple project plans together? For example, if I have three different projects but wanted to manage them from a high level in a Master Plan schedule. So that the Master Plan could be used for reporting to the board on progress rather than the finite detail.

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You can place them all into a single project file.

Hi Dmitry,
thanks for getting back to me. Please can you elaborate further? Do you mean that I create a common folder with all the project plans in and then they can link to the master plan?

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Not sure what do you mean when you say “folder”. I meant that you can create a single physical GanttProject file where every project is a top-level task.

This is just what we did. We created a master-project with projects as tasks on the first sub-level (elaborated deeper on lower sublevels, as desired). Every project manager reported for his project/task in this master project.
The only problem we had to overcome was that GP does not (or does it?) control the number of copies that can be opened from the same file. So, every project manager could in principle open-edit-save his copy and override what others may have saved before. A master project with three-or-so projects should be manageable, but we have more than 20 joined into one, which would be a nightmare.
We solved this by placing our master project in our document management system, which prevents opening multiple copies for editing and it works fine.
Hope this helps a little.
And again, thank you for this excellent SW, Dmitry. Молодец!!!

Hi Pipi,

Thanks for that feedback, that was really useful. That is the conclusion I have drawn as well.
In the notes section what I have done is put the file paths to the ‘detailed’ project plans so it is easy to relate to them whilst working in the Master plan.