Locked Out of Project on Cloud

Somehow I am locked out of a project I set up for the ganttcloud. Anyone know what’s up?

Can you please send the log file? Help > View log

Thanks for the assistance. Here it is:
skri_log.txt (80.2 KB)

As far as I can see from the logs, you have no write permissions to some files in C:\Users\skri folder, namely, to the settings file .ganttproject and to offline mirrors of the Cloud documents in C:\Users\skri\Documents\GanttProject\.CloudOfflineMirrors.

You need to check if everything is okay with your access permissions.

The reason why opening a cloud document fails is that the offline mirror can’t be written (because of access permissions). It would make sense to still open a document in online-only mode in such case. I filed a new issue to the tracker:


I tried to create a new project and save it to the cloud but it does not work when I attempt to save it it does nothing:

Also the password reset and invite collaborators does nothing. I never get a email nor do the recipient of an invite ever get an email.


Did you create a team in your GP Cloud?

Apparently I can’t respond with yes or no with the forum filters as I have to write more in depth content. I could wane philosophical about this but…

Nonetheless I created a new project and team and issued invites and created a project file. Which is what I did before. All seems to work at the moment and the invites did go out as team members received them.

Not sure what I did wrong. Be nice to have my locked file available as I put a good bit of work into it.


How or where can I delete or rename a Team in my dashboard?


Thanks…sorry. Wasn’t obvious.