Longer task names

(Edmund) #1

On the GANTT chart task names can be put below or above the the bar (as well as left or right). In the case of long task names this results in a quite wide GANTT chart. Would it be possible to develop something where the taskname could wrap to two lines? This would help a lot. Another aspect is that though options above and below the bar work, the end of the task name is set to be above or below the end of the bar for that task. This results in the use of much space to the left of the beginning of the bars, again making for a wide GANTT chart. Like here:



Hence the request. I do recognize that one should try to minimize the length of task names but at times this is not possible.

(Dmitry Barashev) #2

You’re welcome to submit feature request to our issue tracker, however let’s be honest: this feature is far from being trivial while the demand seems to be pretty low (this is arguably the first time when we see such use of task names). So the chances of making it are very low. sorry.