macOS Big Sur v. 11.7 Can't print nor PDF conversion

Hi, I have been using this great app since several months ago. I haven’t be able to print nor create a PDF. Following the app instructions to do so, it has been impossible to do either of those tasks. There is anyone that can help me with my problem? Thanks in advance.

Also, when I try to print using my desktop, a dialog box pop-up saying “something Wrong”: Java heap space. I updated the Java version, but nothing happened, and I don’t have problems with space or RAM. In my MacBook Pro, I don’t have this Dilog Box, but I’m not able to print or PDF either. Thanks

Chances are that you’re trying to print an excessively wide chart. Try changing the zoom level or set reasonable print/export ranges in the print dialog or export settings. Also, try exporting to PNG and printing the PNG image using your favorite tools.