MacOS Monterey et puce M1 max

This does not seem to be what I asked for, unless you took the file, split it into two pieces and renamed them.
The file which I asked to send was /Users/christianvanelle/.ganttproject.d/logs/.ganttproject-20220615174650.log

Mille excuses, il y avait un fichier caché à droite : le voici, en espérant que ce soit le bon.

Bien à vous

Christian VANELLE
Architecte DPLG

ganttproject.log (2.25 KB)

In English, it’s better

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De: Christian VANELLE <[email protected]>

Objet: Rép. : [GanttProject Support] [GanttProject Desktop Support] MacOS Monterey et puce M1 max

Date: 15 juin 2022 à 21:40:47 UTC+2

À: GanttProject Support <[email protected]>

Sorry, there was a hidden file on the right: here it is, hoping that it is the right one.

Yours faithfully

Christian VANELLE
Architect DPLG

ganttproject.log (2.25 KB)

This is not the log which I asked for. This log file was produced by the standard from DMG package. It uses its bundled Java Runtime.

The name of the log file which is produced when you run ganttproject.command is printed at the end of your screenshot, and I copied it as text for you. Please run in your Terminal

cp /Users/christianvanelle/.ganttproject.d/logs/.ganttproject-20220615174650.log ~/Documents/TheLog.txt

and it will copy the log file into TheLog.txt file in your Documents.

Here is the result, is this the right file

TheLog.txt (2.78 KB)

Thanks! I see that it really uses the “native” Java Runtime. So, you say that if you run ganttproject.command, it is still lagging when you scroll the chart with a task?

I have this problem too. I’m ready to help debugging.