Making Task "Custom Columns" visible in Resource Chart

It is possible to add the Task ID into the visible columns on the Resources chart however it would be helpful is we were able to display another task identifier/property/column (that is stored in a custom column property).

Under “Manage Columns” on the resource chart, the only options are Name, Default Role and several others that include ID - the ID field is connecting the table to the task database table. We would like to use that connection to bring in the task specific columns to display those.

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This is not possible at the moment, sorry. Relevant issue in the issue tracker: Show task columns on resource load chart. Somehow. · Issue #642 · bardsoftware/ganttproject · GitHub

Do I take it that since it is last commented on in 2015 that the feature enhancement is unlikely to be incorporated in the development schedule any time soon? This would be very helpful to us and I don’t think the UX (referencing the earlier comments) or the code required would be too difficult to conceive?

A checkbox in the current “manage columns” dialog to “include task columns in available columns list” and then a concat between the tables to create the list that is displayed in the selection list? (along with an identifier of weather the column entry comes from “task” or “resource” perhaps).

Thanks for your consideration and efforts in responding!!