Mass modifications?

Hi Community!

I’ve been happy with the application for years now but I’m still missing some features, so will write them down today :slightly_smiling_face::

  • Mass modifications for tasks, such as: Change color, Add resource or Start date; common selection methods for tasks selection (i.e. CTL-click)
  • Keep dialogs position & size: i.e. ‘Add task’ dialog is always centered while I’d like to have it on the right side as the existing tasks are listed on the left.
  • Keep columns layout: I too often have to change the columns size and would like my layout to be stored once for all in some config file. See attached pictures.

Thanks again for such a great work and hope my suggestions will go through!

I whole-heartedly support this request, especially the mass-modifications!
The reason is that I tend to add all my projects in one sheet, to be able to keep track of dependencies of resources. And I like to give each project a color of it’s own. But when I import, it gives a new project just the last used (default) color.

Issue in the tracker

Issue in the tracker

Do you mean columns in the task properties dialog?

What sort of import did you mean? Importing from .gan file preserves task colors.

Thanks @DmitryBarashev for the feedback, I just hope the team will find some time to implement those features… :wink:

Regarding the last point, the answer is: yes, I’d like the tool to keep track of the width of the columns in the task properties dialog.

Congrats once again for providing such a great app!

Hi Dmitry,

I the import came from a colleague of mine who was using ProjectLibre. He exported to MS format and I imported that file into my ganttproject. I did not try to set the color beforehand. I’ll try that next time…

I converted him to the far superior GanttProject program by the way…

Thanks for the efforts (and this answer).


That’s right, MS Project import/export won’t preserve task colors.
I created a new ticket in the tracker:

Okay, I understand. All the more reason for a possibility to change colors for multiple lines at once. Please?