Material resources

There is not enough opportunity to add new roles for human resources, and I would also like to be able to add other resources: materials, tools that are necessary to complete the task.


You may want to subscribe to this issue in the tracker (no promises on if this feature will be added or not):

Title change: material resources are not resource roles, the title was just misleading.

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The need to track resources other than people is very important, especially on either large scale or tight budget projects. For example, if I only have two large press sheers, then these need to be tracked and scheduled like a worker; however, their cost is not processed by time but by uses. In one day they may have many uses in others only a few.

To handle these differences, many divide resources into two major categories – work & material. Work resources are people, machine, and facilities that are accounted for by time (i.e. number of hours, days, etc.) worked. Material resources are those measured by use (number of times used, quantity of lots consumed, number of purchase orders, etc.). While work resources tend to have a relatively steady flow (either on or off during a period of time), material resources can vary greatly in use over a given period. As a result, material resources have strong tendencies to create choke points in work flow. The amount of a raw material I have on hand may determine when a certain stage of a project can go forward. Therefore, I need to track both how much I have, how fast it is being used, and when I am supposed to get more. Including material resources as dependencies for a task greatly aids in scheduling, especially in today’s “just in time” logistics environment. Many materials resources have to be scheduled well in advance of their use and being able to plan for them as a part of the Gantt process is a major advantage.

An older software that handled it simply from the user perspective is OpenProj. I believe ProjectLibre is it’s more current name. Supposedly it is open source and may provide some insight into an effective method of implementation. As I am not a programmer, that is about as much code help as I can give in that direction.

Thanks again for taking the lead on what is a wonderfully simple yet strong project management tool.


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Hi All,
This is what I do to overcome lack of other than personal resources in GP.
I define any expense in the project as human resource. The role describes the specifics of the cost.
If it is a rental or continous expense over time - the daily fee is directly applied to calulate the cost. For fixed ones like purchases for the task - just use uncalculated value.
This way the budget can entirely be done in GP w/o exporting to external sheets. At least in the project preparation phase.

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I get that this is old, but I found this while trying to resolve a problem and didn’t see a solution in it. The way I overcome this issue is I go to the “Project” menu and select “Properties…”. In the “Project Properties” window, I select “Resource Roles.” Then I add a resource role for material and equipment.

Then I create a resource tab called “Material” and set its rate to 100. When I assign it to a task, I am putting in the total price of the material on the job.

For equipment, I treat it like a human knowing that it can’t be used more than 100% of the time. It would be nice to have an initiation fee for rental equipment that requires delivery. To get around that, when setting the resources on a task, there is a “Task Cost” on the right hand side. I usually end up setting it explicitly.

If the equipment is per use, I set the rate at 100x the use and then I am entering the number of times I use it, but I don’t get a lot of these.

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