Members can't open project from cloud

Hi!! I am testing this software, and my partners can´t open the project attached on cloud. I’ll grateful your help

What do you mean when you say “can’t open”? What exactly they can’t do?

I see one team which is likely to be yours (it is owned by a user with your display name and account on This team is empty, there are no team members. I see that you sent a couple of invitations to your colleagues. They have not accepted the invitations yet. Please ask them to sign up and accept the invitations, after that they will be able to open your projects.

Thank you very much Dmitry! I will do what you tell me.

Just have taken a closer look. I was wrong saying that they did not register, sorry. One of them registered and is in the team now. But I can’t find any meaningful actions from them in the logs. Did they install GanttProject 3.1? Did they sign in into GP Cloud from the desktop GanttProject? If yes, what did they see?

They have not installed GanttProject 3.1 yet. I will ask you to install it.