Missing toolbar icons (Windows 10)


I have had a look at the forum and I can’t see anybody has this problem, so here we go.

Attached is a screen shot that shows that some toolbar icons are missing. They are missing in both of the regions. Updating GanttProject does not help. I have this problem after installing on two Windows 10 laptops. Ganttproject Version: 3.2.3247.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance
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Did you install any updates and restarted (exit and launch again) GanttProject after that?


Yes I did and that did not help. The icons are still missing.

Can you try changing the appearance from “Metal” which you seem to be using to Windows or Plastic? Edit > Settings > Application UI

Unfortunately no change. Can my antivirus/firewall software affect a download?

The attached image shows that the icons appear as grey boxes if I wave the mouse over them. These grey boxes are clickable.

Looks like I found a solution.

I switched from using the Nvidia Graphics card to using the Integrated Graphics card. All the missing icons now appear.

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