Move an entire block in gantt

Hello, I’m looking for a way to move an entire block of tasks in the gantt view. I have a project with 5 indented headings, each with a number of indented tasks. I want to move the whole thing two months, without adjusting the dates on each task. Is this possible?

Regards and thanks, Clars

If you need to move the whole project then go to Project.Properties.Calendar.Move project

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OK thanks, but what if I only want to move part of the project?

Select all the tasks which you want to move and drag them on the diagram.

If you want to move a top-level task with the whole subtree underneath, just drag that task.

This does not work for me - nothing drags.

If it doesn’t work then probably ti means that your tasks can’t be moved because of other reasons (e.g. dependency constraints)