multi-project resource management

Hi there,
We are a construction company and have several sites to manage at the same time (with various tasks) for a specific number of resources.
Is it possible to have several projects on the diagram which would take into account the resources in relation to the priorities which would increase the duration of the work?
Employee 1 is scheduled on site 1 from 01/01/2023 to 02/30/2023 BUT must go to site 2 from 01/15/2023 to 01/30/2023
Site 1 was initially scheduled to last until 02/30/2023 BUT given the absence on site 1 of employee 1 for 15 days, site 1 will be extended by 15 days.

I hope to be clear in my words :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for your response.

No such feature, sorry.

A possible workaround to extend tasks in GP is with calendar holidays.
So create “Employee 1 on site 1” resource and give holidays when working on “site 2”. But is a manual process.