New version 3005 doesn't open my previous project files on windows 10

After I up-dated to version 3005 on Windows 10, my old project files don’t open anymore. I get the following message. It seems the program is looking for the option file .ganttproject , which doesn’t exist anymore. What can I do to restore my old projects?

GanttProject 3.0.3005
Settings file:
location: C:\Users\joerg.ganttproject
is readable: false

Please provide some more details on what you do and what do you get and post the whole log file. What you posted is the beginning of the log file – it is never shown as “message” and there must be more output in the log.

  • The new Version 3005 does start.
  • I can create a new file, save it und open it again. So far so good.
  • But if I try to open a previous file, I do get the attached Error-Message.
  • Now GP is locked, as I can’t save the file before nor I could open any other files. See my screenshot.

Gantt Error .txt (6,6 KB)

It seems that you missed one of the updates. You need to do what is written in this topic:

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Thank you - your answer could solve the problem. Now, I’m able again to reopen the older files.