NullPointerException in Cut and Paste feature


NullPointerException and IOException: Failed to save the project file when cutting one task.
The Project can be saved without problems.
Logfile attached.

Version: 3.2.3220 on Windows 10

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ganttproject.log (7,5 KB)

Are you copying between two GanttProject windows?

No. Within one Window. Error occurs already when I choose cut menu item

Thanks. Filed a new issue to the bug tracker:

This will be fixed tonight, and the fix will come in the next bugfix update.

Thanks a lot. I’m mainly using GanttProject to register, prioritize and move my tasks. That’s why I miss the feature.

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Update 3221 was published last night. Installing the update should fix this issue.

I think there’s a refresh of the window missing. If I cut and paste, nothing happens on the screen, also no error message occurs any more.
I have to save, close and open the project again to see the results of the operation, which works as espected.

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Is everything ok with copy+paste?

yes, copy+paste is working.

okay, thanks. I’ll fix this issue tonight.

no problem. Have a good day.

I noticed that cut+paste also works, but probably a bit unexpectedly.

If you create three tasks:


cut task3, select task1 and paste, task 3 moves between task1 and task2. That is, it moves the cut task so that it becomes a sibling of the selected task, not a child (which is probably expected). Is it the same on your side?

It’s the same on my side, but the move will be visable after reopening the project, not immediately.


Thats the view after cutting and pasting

and here after reopening

That’s strange. Is everything okay with drag’n’drop?

drag’n’drop is ok. after Moving task3 to task 1, it appears below task1:


Related issue: Where is the subtask?

Filed a new ticket to the issue tracker: The task tree won't update properly after clipboard operations · Issue #2050 · bardsoftware/ganttproject · GitHub