Old links of copied tasks

I copy the task and paste the copy somewhere else in the project. In this case, all task connections are preserved. It’s not entirely clear whether this makes sense. After all, if I copy a task to another place in the project, then it is obvious that it must have new connections. Now we have to remove old connections, which is inconvenient.

I do not see that way.
If you copy a task, you get its attributes, dependencies included.

What do you expect when you copy a task?
What do you expect when you post a new topic? Please share your positive contribution. Thank you!

There cannot be two absolutely identical tasks in a project. They have absolutely everything the same, including addictions. Try to come up with an example like this. If there are such two tasks, then they should be replaced by one. This is ordinary logic.
When I copy a task, I expect that it will be copied completely, but without dependencies.
When I create a theme, I hope that my suggestions will be useful to developers.

But we copy the task duration, start date, etc., and that’s okay. It is not clear why should not we copy the dependencies.

People often use some tasks as templates, and create new “real” tasks by copying the template. That’s a pretty valid use case.

This said, it might make sense to provide options for copy/paste., e.g. “copy everything” or “copy excluding dependencies”