Order of Task Columns

How can I change the order of the task columns? This doesnt seem to work anymore. It is possible to drag the columns but as soon as the project is saved it jumps back to the old order

This is not reproducible in the latest GanttProject 3.2.3244. What version are you using?

I am using version 3.2.3240. So this function won`t be available anymore?

Sorry? Column reordering works fine in my tests in GP 3.2.3244. I can drag the columns, the order persists after save and after file reopening too. Please install all GanttProject updates, and if the problem persists, please record a screencast showing the issue.

Re-arranging and saving in the main window works, but once “Managing Columns” is opened and “Apply” pressed, the column order jumps back to the order as shown in the Task Columns Pop-up window.

I see. I have filed a bug report: