Overlapping tasks: change resource units during certains periods of the same task


I have a full-time resource that will work on two tasks: task 1 for January to March, and task 2 only in February. The allocated time (unit) for task 2 will be 50% as it overlaps with task 1. The unit of task 1 has to be 100% in January, 50% in February and 100% in March. Setting the unit for task 2 is easy, but how could I set different units to the same task over time?

Thanks, Eduardo

The only feasible way is to split the task into several tasks.

Thanks Dmitry, this is the solution I had in mind.

A good addition will be something like a “load balancer” to manage the usage of the resource on overlapping tasks.

Cheers, EKS

… waiting for this since I know GanttProject … :wink: