Phil Elliot: task titles in PDF export

I have a mac running catalina and I cannot get it to show task titles when I export to PDF


How please? I cannot find a way to show task tiltes when I export to PDF

Can you please provide us with more details? Where do you expect to see the task titles and what do you actually get? A screenshot or the resulting PDF would help a lot.

SH V2.pdf (110.0 KB)

useless as it is



Can you please try changing the application font? Chances are that the one which is currently in use is not embeddable and thus won’t appear in the document.

I think it is fixed and it is all about the fonts


Hello Phil (as me !)
how did you fix it please ? I have the same pb (macOS Catalina) : no tasks title …


its all about the fonts - you need to reset the fonts