Planer Report pops up with strange earliest start dates set

Hi, I couldn’t find that one anywhere here – am I the only one experiencing that issue?

Using Ganttproject for Mac on Apple silicon.

First, I faced problems with the latest update, resulting in an incomplete starting sequence with the starting notice remaining in the center of the screen and no possibiliy to open or start a file – already used the 3.3-beta before the update. Subsequently replaced the programm-file with a newly downloaded image. At first start, I accepted the given update.

Then, opening my file, planer report came up and showed quite a long list of “shifted tasks”(?) with, mainly, strangely set “earliest start dates”(?). Actually, I would have to set up big parts of the file, again. Any idea how to save my original dates? (I’m using German version, so, sorry if mistranslating some of that.)

Best regards!

I have the same problem. When i open my project file on windows 10 this other window appear and i see that all the tasks were moved to other date.

It is a bug, sorry about that. It will be fixed shortly in 3303 update.

The bugfix update is published, and should already be available in the update channel

Where we can find update channel?

Edit > Settings > App Updates

See also GanttProject Development Blog: GanttProject 3.0 packaging and update system

However, if you ask this question then chances are that your problem is different, because the issue appeared after publishing update 3301 via the update channel.

Dimitry, you’re fast, you’re thorough – you’re great!

File opens perfectly now, many thanks!