Please consider to remove the ukrainian flag

I guess the ukrainian flag in your software motivates war, please consider removing the Ukrainian flag or allow an optional download that includes your flag.

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I am all in support for Ukraine and people of Ukraine in this war, but I also suggest that ukrainian flag stripe be removed from main GUI. At least make an option to disable it.

I Completely agree, we are trying to use this software to show boat building projects and timelines. One customer and several subcontractors are russian nationals and this is a really unecessary and awkward thing to use software with ukrain flag. they are not part of the war neither is my business and we are being forced to display this political tool. Please remove it. Our business is about fantastic service regardless of which government you were born under.

Agree. I can not use this software for my business anymore, until it gets back to a neutral appearance.

I love the idea of GanttProject supporting the Ukrainian people but I need to have a neutral display during presentations and working sessions. Please consider an option to turn on and off the stripe as needed. Thank you!

I recommend you to unistall the latest software version, also you’ll have to remove the config files located at c:/windows/users or c:/windows/ --in any case ask your system administrator.

then you should install the lastest version without the uk… flag at
GanttProject - Browse /ganttproject-3.1.3100 at

finally remember not to install updates, until the issue is solved.

May we know why the Ukraine colors are up? That is a proxy war that this community should not get involved in. Just my thoughts.

Well @Tim in these days, absence of action is an action, as claiming or not claiming colors for a cause.
We all know mindsets that think that even absence of coloring is a contrary positioning.

So… polarized society…
And similar situations happen on my daily project management ; )

@malcaraz , I can understand activism. I will even support it if it is against injustice. But this is a proxy war between the US Oligarchs against Russia. Russians will understandably defend the mother land. On the other hand, some people think they should support the US Oligarchs to maintain US hegemony. That I do not support. I am Asian by the way and I have no vested interest on either side.

I agree with most of the people here. I have a client that is evaluating a migration away from Microsoft Project and would likely use GanttProject Cloud. To better familiarize myself with the software I installed the latest version. To my dismay I see the Ukranian flag on the loading screen and in the main GUI. While I understand the sentiment, no national flag belongs in this app.

Microsoft won’t put a national flag on the splash screen or in the main GUI of their Office products, because it simply isn’t the place for it nor is it professional.

Unfortunately, due to this form of political activism, I cannot recommend GanttProject as a replacement for my client’s 40ish seats of Microsoft Project, but I would very much love for this to change.

Just add this to css :
.leaflet-control-attribution svg {

either you are bots or you have no morals
you build boats and don’t want your russian customers not to see the flag? Tell your clients to get out of Ukraine, then you too will have peace of mind. As long as there is war, everyone should know what’s going on and every means is right to point out to Russia that they are committing crimes.

Your position is an ignorant one. Shall we put the flags of every country that is in conflict, or do we limit it to only those conflicts that get coverage in mainstream media? Or only conflicts you support?

Political activism belongs elsewhere.

Imagine the mess that would happen if a project GanttProject depends on suddenly supported the opposing side. Do we just stop developing software because people can’t get past their feelings?

yeah I see, you act like a normal Kremlin troll in YouTube comments. So you all have a political mission and get paid for it.

  • no positioning on one or other side
  • relativize everything
  • don’t call it by its name. it is war and it is crime, committed by russia
  • answer fast and encourage discussion, to put more relativization in it

so people who read this should know

I do have a position on the subject, but this is clearly not the place to voice it. This is the forum for project management software. If anyone, including the GanttProject maintainers, need to express views and opinions unrelated to GanttProject, it should be voiced elsewhere.

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Every public space is a right place to voice your position on that subject. Now everybody knows yours. It looks like you need a new job after the regime is fallen.

Incorrect on all 3 counts. Not voicing my opinion in no way means you are at all correct in your assumption of my position. What it does mean is that I’m practicing the same thing I’m advocating for - this isn’t the place for political activism or unrelated opinions.

Either you continue to do your propaganda or you haven’t noticed that this place is definitely related to what’s happening. To dismiss this as unprofessional just shows your amorality. Incidentally, you do not necessarily have to have a relation to express your sympathy. You just have to be a human being.

I will no longer support your propaganda and put an end to it.

I’m not at all sure of what you’re trying to communicate now. That last comment sounds like it was written by ChatGPT.

I’ve stated my thoughts on the topic of this thread and have no desire to continue this bantering or defending a perfectly reasonable position.