Please consider to remove the ukrainian flag

I guess the ukrainian flag in your software motivates war, please consider removing the Ukrainian flag or allow an optional download that includes your flag.

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I am all in support for Ukraine and people of Ukraine in this war, but I also suggest that ukrainian flag stripe be removed from main GUI. At least make an option to disable it.

I Completely agree, we are trying to use this software to show boat building projects and timelines. One customer and several subcontractors are russian nationals and this is a really unecessary and awkward thing to use software with ukrain flag. they are not part of the war neither is my business and we are being forced to display this political tool. Please remove it. Our business is about fantastic service regardless of which government you were born under.

Agree. I can not use this software for my business anymore, until it gets back to a neutral appearance.

I love the idea of GanttProject supporting the Ukrainian people but I need to have a neutral display during presentations and working sessions. Please consider an option to turn on and off the stripe as needed. Thank you!

I recommend you to unistall the latest software version, also you’ll have to remove the config files located at c:/windows/users or c:/windows/ --in any case ask your system administrator.

then you should install the lastest version without the uk… flag at
GanttProject - Browse /ganttproject-3.1.3100 at

finally remember not to install updates, until the issue is solved.

May we know why the Ukraine colors are up? That is a proxy war that this community should not get involved in. Just my thoughts.

Well @Tim in these days, absence of action is an action, as claiming or not claiming colors for a cause.
We all know mindsets that think that even absence of coloring is a contrary positioning.

So… polarized society…
And similar situations happen on my daily project management ; )

@malcaraz , I can understand activism. I will even support it if it is against injustice. But this is a proxy war between the US Oligarchs against Russia. Russians will understandably defend the mother land. On the other hand, some people think they should support the US Oligarchs to maintain US hegemony. That I do not support. I am Asian by the way and I have no vested interest on either side.