Possibility for filter in columns

I think the software is great…
i have added columns for my needs and would like to use a filter function in the columns i created myself, so that i can filter for entries. like the autofilterfunction in Excel…Especially this function is very important for me and it would be great if it were possible to integrate this function very quickly.

This feature is not yet implemented, sorry.

thank´s for feedback, is it planned in the near future ?

I am not sure what counts as “near future” but anyway, it is not planned for any upcoming release, unless there is someone who is willing to spend a few weeks of their time working on this feature.

Thanks for the information…
for me and i think for many others (what i have read) the functionality would be very important, it would be nice to implement this promptly, can you push it? thank you for your support:blush:

It is a complex feature which requires rewriting a lot of sensitive code with the high risk of breaking many other things. We’ll do it when we are ready for this, sorry.

thank´s for feedback…ok so i(we) have to wait…but don´t forget me…smile…