Print to PDF A0 for plotting?


Need to print the GANTT to a plotter, so I can cover the wall with a project plan.

We have a plotter that prints on paper roll, ISO A0 width.
When I print to PDF, I get a 12 page PDF with a small slice on part of each page - pages are mostly empty.
Is there a tute somewhere? Help appreciated!

Regards, Clars

(Dmitry Barashev) #2

We recommend using export to PDF or PNG for all printing-related tasks.

Export to PNG produces raster image which can be printed using your favorite image viewer using its paper format options.

Export to PDF allows for choosing paper format and produces PDF file with a few pages, where one of the pages is your Gantt chart.

Both exports allow for choosing a date range to be exported (and you most likely will want to set it to the range you need).


Thx for help, i was printing direct to pdf. The png worked fine, and the pdf export looks promising.