Problem to keep the original dates when i link two tasks

(My Octopus Eats Bananas) #1

First sorry for my bad English, i am French. I will try to explain clearly my problem.

I try to create a link between two tasks :

  • “announce in the press of a public meeting” (10/09/2018)
  • “the meeting” (17/09/2018)

When i create a link between this tasks, the date of the second task, “the meeting”, changes and become the tomorow of the first task, the 11/09/2018.

If i try to change manually the date, it does not work.

Have you an idea to have a link between this tasks and keep the original dates ?

Thanks a lot,


(Dmitry Barashev) #2

It is GanttProject’s job to make the schedule as short as possible. Finish-Start dependency by definition makes the successor task starting when predecessor finishes. You can tune this constraint with lag time and strong/rubber hardness.

See the details in the docs on GanttProject scheduler

(My Octopus Eats Bananas) #3

Thanks for the answer, i find the solution. When you select a task, you can
change the delay of the task bind