Problems installing ver. 3.0.3000 on my Mac Pro


I just decided to update my Mac Pro (Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.6) from GanttProject 2.8.5 Pilsen to the 3.0 release, but running the exe for installing it, a lot of errors come out form the Unarchiver (see attached shot of the first message (of a lot of other similar messages - sorry, the country language is Italian). By hitting “Continue” at every message, at the end the result is to have only a folder in the download, which 3 subfolders named with ideograms.

How can I solve the problem and install version 3.0 successfully?

Thank you in advance.


Running the exe? The file with .exe extension is the installer for Windows. For macOS you need .dmg file.


I was convinced I chose the right OS!