Question about "Project" checkbox in tasks

In the HouseBuildingSample.gan file that came with ganttproject 2.8.4 (Pilsen) for Mac, I notice that some tasks have a “Project” checkbox in the task properties on the General tab, while the rest have the “Milestone” checkbox. I also notice that the tasks that have the Project checkbox (by the way, the box is there but in all cases it is unchecked in the HouseBuildingSample), there is a different type of indicator on the Gantt Chart timeline. It seems to indicate major phases of a project. I would like to learn how to create these type of “Phase” related tasks. How do I do this? I have not been able find any documentation on this? Thanks in advance.

I answered my own question. The “phases” show up when you indent subtasks underneath top-level tasks. I would have withdrawn / deleted my question, but this forum page doesn’t seem to have an option for someone to delete their own question.

Why deleting. Let it sit here, so that others could find the answer if they need to.

So, just to understand. I am trying to get a good practice on a hierarchy on programs and projects, and the checkbox is not on the lower level tasks.
How can I make “PROJECTS” to be subtasks of “PROGRAMS”?
Thank you!

“Project” is an indicator that the task is a separate project. I believe it mostly used by those people who keep many projects in the same file for whatever reasons. It carries no special semantics except that it makes a task bar a little bit bolder.

I don’t think that you really want to bother with moving “project” task into some other. Just forget about this flag.