Recurring work patterns (Calendar) & resource loading & costs

Hi there,

Gantt Project has been really useful, however with many staff now on part-time is there any way that each resource can have recurring events applied such as having 2 days per week non-working or having Friday non-working every two weeks etc. This is much more preferable than adding the non-working dates manually for each resource.

Secondly, I think I have found some errors in project cost and resource loading in v3.0.3002 - I don’t have the time to reproduce just yet but I am reasonably certain it is related to copying a group of existing tasks and then pasting and modifying them for re-use in the same Gantt. I am certain they are errors as I exported all the data to Excel and added up the resource utilisation and costs there and saw the same differences.



Existing (and pretty old) enhancement request about the resource calendars:

With respect to cost/loads, we need a reproducible scenario.