Resource Teams that can share & have unique teammates?

Hey Everyone:

Is there a way to create Resource "teams"rather than just individuals? Similar to the below format.

Team A:
Name 1
Name 2
Name 3

Team B:
Name 1
Name 4
Name 5

I have multile ongoing projects that use independent contractors that I’l like to assign resources to but want to setup different teams with position titles vs. added every individual name to the list.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

I am not sure that I clearly understand the use case. Do you want to add many resources as a batch? Or do you want to be able to have the same worker with different … what?.. name? position? … in different “teams”?

Hey Dimitry:

I work in live performance and each project is a different production. So a lot of the “teams” have the same titled position but may be a different person. I’ve kind of made a work around by adding a postion in the resource tab wheren I can put the individuals position and show name in “()” to differentate them on the list.

I was hoping there was a way I could assign a whole team of people on a project so I don’t have to scroll though hundreds of names to find the right one when assigning resources.

If I have not misunderstood, you’re looking for a “multi-assignment” of resources, from “a team of people” to “project-production roles”.
AFAIK, that is not possible in GP. Assignments are by individuals.