Resource total cost is 0

Good morning,
I have assigned to some task the relevant duration, cost (assigned, not calculated; standard rate=0) and resource, but in the resources chart the total cost is 0.
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Fausto Corsi

So what is the issue?

Good morning,
i.e. resource

  • MESTRONI: total load = 10 days, total cost =0,
  • relevant activitiy (FASE 1 - PRE - Delimitazioni interne): duration 10 days, cost = 11.370

cost null.pdf (339,6 KB)

What’s wrong with that? If you set zero payment rate, it means that you don’t pay anything to your resources => their cost is 0.

Ok, clear.
I try to better specify my question.
If I know the total cost of an activity (i.e. “FASE 1 - PRE - Delimitazioni interne”=11.370, lump-sum) and this activity is realized only by a specific resource (i.e. the resource named “MESTRONI”), how could I assign this cost to this resource?
Please note that in this case the cost of the activity is independent from the time, so I can’t use the formula total cost/total duration to estimate a specific cost, because every time I change the duration, I should also change the specific cost.