Reviewing PRs and Closing issues

Hi @DmitryBarashev ,

I know that you are the only one reviewing and closing PRs in GanttProject, and being this project something that requires a lot of effort (answering the forum, maintaining the code, reviewing PRs, closing GitHub issues, releasing new versions, …) I’m afraid that the work load could be overwhelming sometimes.

There are already some PRs that could be reviewed/discarded/applied and make the contributors happy (disclaimer: I’m one of them)

If I remember correctly, issues that are already fixed will be closed whenever a new release is published. Is that the case? We have a lot of open-issues and some of them are already fixed (perhaps some of them are declared as “won’t fix”) but not closed. Could we close some of them and maintain a Changelog for the new release? I think that it is encouraging to see that the total number of bugs is decreasing instead of increasing during a period of time.

Finally, according to the code in master, I can see that there is a new Cloud feature in the oven, but I can’t find any information about it in the documentation, issue list or the forum. Could we get more info about it?

The same happens with regard to the latest approved commits, it seems that there is someone( anstkras) adding support for using h2 manager to run sql files in GP (a very interesting proposal), but there is no documentation about it (or I was unable to find it).

Could we do something to help you and the project w.r.t. all of this? Thanks.

Hi Juanan,

Yes, I usually close issues when new release is published. The point is to keep them visible to the users until they can easily check and test (otherwise they start asking “how come that I still facing this issue in the latest release?”). Those issues for which fix is committed, I mark with “Fix committed to the repository label”.

I do not maintain a detailed changelog. The list of closed issues is available on GitHub (and is linked from the release notes), and human-readable text describing the major highlights I write when release is published.

I apologise for being slow with reviews – that’s because there is a lot of teaching activity at the university this fall and I really don’t have that much time.

GP Cloud is a commercial service which, basically, allows for storing projects in the cloud. It is currently seeking alpha testers, so if you know anyone who might be interested, please let me know. Anastasiya (anstkras) is working on real-time sync between desktop and cloud in her labs project at the university, and if she succeeds, it will be merged (no promises though).

Hi Dmitry,

thanks for your detailed answer. Don’t need to apologise, I can feel your pain as a university lecturer, I’m in the same situation (!).

I’d like to help as an alpha tester for the new GP Cloud feature and will also try to involve more people. How can I start testing it?

Anastasiya work seems very interesting. It would be great if she could add some more info about it (at least as a single wiki-page or a new issue in the project’s GitHub repository).