Scheduler based on resources

Hello All,

Is it possible to schedule the project based on the availability of the resource?

Eg: I have a tester who can test 2 apartments per day. There are 3 apartments to test. When I assign the tester as a resource to apartment testing activities for 3 apartments, can the ganttproject schedule the project so that the first 2 apartments will be tested in the 1st day, and the 3rd apartment will be schedules for the next day?


Resource levelling is not supported, sorry.

If I could come up with some logic, would you take a look at it as a potential enhancement? Am looking at writing up a script in Python to take the XML file and do just this.

Thanks for volunteering, but…

GanttProject is written in Java/Kotlin and it is a desktop application for mere mortals. There is no Python code, there is no Python runtime in the distributions, we can’t give our users Python scripts and suggest them to process XML on their own.

So, writing such logic as a Python script might be a good exercise, but not something that we could launch in production, sorry.


Thanks for the quick response. I’m not a programmer but a lazy product manager so any code I would write would be workable, but not production grade :grin:

Anyway, I’m still working on it but will post the repo here when ready im case you see something you guys might be able to translate to Java. Am also putting together something that will integrate GP and Jira so will put that in the same repo.

All the best