Sharing files via intranet

I have installed GanttProject and created a project. I want to share this project with my team members via intranet. What are the steps to be followed?
Please guide me through this.

You can share GanttProject files the same way you share Word or PDF documents in your intranet.

How do i setup WebDAV server? What should i fill in for URL, username and password?

Do you have a running WebDAV server in your intranet?

Yes sir. I want to know if me and my team mates have installed GanttProject in the desktops and if we keep the created project file in a shared folder. Will we all be able to access it?

Why not. Share folder appears as a drive in the operating system, GanttProject file is a regular file. If you can access your shared folders from Word, Notepad, etc., you can do the same from GanttProject.

All this said, Windows shared folders have nothing to do with WebDAV.

Yeah i understand. Thanks Dmitry!