Show progress in summary task

In a project with several summary tasks (which probably applies to almost all projects) it would be nice to see the progress of subtasks in the summary bar, especially when it is compressed. Currently, it is necessary to expand all summaries to the base task level to see progress.

AFAIK, you can show column (field) progress of the summary task, and it will be updated automatically by GP with the overall progress of the subtasks.
And you can check if it is completed or not, with the “alert” field, also…
Having the progess on the summary might be overdrawing… IMHO.
Hope this helps.

Do you suggest showing percentages of all child tasks in a summary task bar?

Hi Dmitry
Yes, that would be my suggestion.

It’s sort of overall-progress-at-a-glance.

I can’t imagine how one can understand the overall progress from the assorted set of lines. Summary task completion can be calculated from the completions of subtasks as s single number. We do it and we can show these numbers both in the task table on the chart. However, i don’t understand the need to show the completion of each child task in a summary task bar.


Hi, I can see your point and in the scenario of your screenshot, you are perfectly right. However, imagine a project with 10 or 20 parallel supertasks, each containing 10 successive tasks. In order to see which supertask may require more efforts, which one lags behind most, which ones I can safely let go by themselves, I have to expand all to base level. Which, IMHO, makes for a pretty large and confusing picture.
But then again, it’s just a suggestion and currently, I can manage with the summary list. :slightly_smiling_face: