Sorting by different columns

(Heiko Holtschneider) #1

Hi there,
is there a possibillity to sort by (any) column?
It seems like one can only sort by start date and end date.

I tried additional fields of different data types (int, string), but none was sortable, neither for gantt chart, nor for the ressource chart.
Really appreciate any help!
Heiko[quote=“mike.irvine, post:1, topic:62, full:true”]
I am relatively new to GanttProject.

I have created a few schedules and I have added the “ID” to the columns on the left of the Gantt chart . However, the column is not populated with the ID number for the individual tasks. How do I get the ID numbers to appear in this view?

(Dmitry Barashev) #2

Only begin and end date columns are sortable, sorry.