System freezes on Windows10

(Josias Hernández Pérez) #1

I am a new user of GanttProject since last version 2.8.2. I started a new project with the 2.8.2 version and it was working very well until I updated the system to the next version. I have been reading some posts in your blog and trying to solve it unsuccessfully. Now I have this project stopped and none of the next versions is working. As soon as I open my project the system freezes and it does not paint the image on the screen properly. Moreover, every time I move the mouse it registers a new error on the message log. Finally, I tried to export the project unsuccessfully as well.
I look forward having news from you. I do not want to quit this software and I need to finish my project too.

(Dmitry Barashev) #2

Posting the contents of the log could make the question a little bit less mysterious. The log sits in ganttproject.log file in your home directory (which is mist likely C:\Users\<your user name>

You can download all versions from 2.7.1 up to the latest one from

(Josias Hernández Pérez) #3

Sure ! Thanks for your answer. Hereby I send my logs. Good luck !

ganttproject.log (475 KB)

(Dmitry Barashev) #4

Thanks. The log says that you’re using GP 2.8.3 and there is something wrong with rendering progres bars. However, I can’t reproduce it in GP 2.8.4 with the sampel project. Can you try GP 2.8.4 and if the issue is reproducible then send us your project?

You can attach the project file here if you don’t mind it to be public or send a private message to me or to this guy:

(Josias Hernández Pérez) #5


You are right, I was using the wrong version, sorry for that.
Nonetheless, I upgraded it to the last version and it keeps doing the same.

Hereby I send you all the new logs and the project itself.

I hope to have news from you soon.

See you !

ganttproject.log (3.56 KB)

Maverick and Magic.gan (16.1 KB)

(Dmitry Barashev) #6

So, there is a weird task PROJECT ASSIGNMENT in this project which is marked as “Project task” but has no children and which causes the failure. We’ll fix the failure of course, but meanwhile you may want just to remove “project task” flag from the task. I did it and attached the result file.

Maverick and Magic.gan (16.1 KB)

(Josias Hernández Pérez) #7

Thanks a lot for your help ! Good luck with the development !